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(B)An affidavit or declaration by less than all named inventors of an application is accepted where it is shown that less than all named inventors of an application invented the subject matter of the claim or claims under rejection. 1.131 can’t swear behind 102(b) art 1.131 can’t swear behind same patentable invention 1.132 “unexpected result” irrelevant for 102 art Swearing Back of a Reference: (715) What it is: “Swearing Back” means that under some circumstances the applicant can file an affidavit (under 37 CFR 1.131 or sometimes 37 CFR 1.132) that the applicant actually invented the matter that is discussed in the prior art before the prior art was published (swearing back in time before the prior art was published). Formally, the affidavit just has to be a sworn, written statement (may be an oath or declaration) 715.05: When your Patent App claims the same invention as another app or patent: * Remember: you cannot file an affidavit in this situation!Question asking who can sign a 1.132 petition showing that a previous invention was not by another. If the prior art is a foreign patent or app (it could even be owned by the same applicant or the same assignees) that was filed 12 months prior to the U. (715.04 who can file the 37 USC 1.131 affidavit) 1.The subject matter of the question is “Application A” and “Patent X”. Also tested: Know what responses overcome certain rejections such as when 1.131 and 1.132 affidavit appropriate – MPEP 715.01. All of the inventors of the subject matter claimed 2.Negotiable instruments may be transferred from one person to another, who is known as a holder in due course.

Upon transfer, also called negotiation of the instrument, the holder in due course obtains full legal title to the instrument.

Negotiable instruments are written orders or unconditional promises to pay a fixed sum of money on demand or at a certain time.