Tree ring dating history

06-Jan-2018 13:02

Many species of trees in temperate zones, and some in tropical zones, grow one visible ring per calendar year.For the entire period of a tree’s life, a year-by-year record or ring pattern is formed that in some way reflects the climatic and environmental condition in which the tree grew.The students participated in a seminar on dendrochronology and architectural history held on June 14th at the Church of the Holy Cross in the village of Pelendri, led by Sturt Manning, Goldwin Smith Professor of Classical Archaeology, and Cyprus Institute Professor Nikolas Bakirtzis.The seminar introduced students to methods of dendrochronology and architectural history.These men, probably of the Salvador Duran clan of Los Cordovas, came to the foothills that day searching for lumber to build a grist mill — a molino — to grind wheat, corn and other crops growing in the bustling, verdant fields of the Ranchos Valley.Young Inocencio Duran, just 14 that summer, may have been among the family crew that felled that proud pine.Results from that sample show the tree dates to around 1617, and was cut down around 1879.This diagram shows the south section of the Duran Molina, including the numbers of core samples taken from individual timbers.

the amount of growth) for each year is determined by various internal and external factors, but it tends to vary mainly in proportion to either the amount of available precipitation or the prevailing temperatures.

The trunk of this ponderosa was a foot wide — thick enough to demand plenty of braun and sweat to bring it down, one swing of the ax at a time.

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