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19-Dec-2017 19:29

Riverview's affordable rates are structured to meet individual needs without the worry of expensive commitments.

Riverview Independent Living offers stylish studios, one- or two-bedroom apartments or two-bedroom suites.

Tenants enjoy a variety of social, recreational and cultural activities and have the benefit of beauty and barber shop services on-site.

Our lounges and outdoor walking paths make attractive visiting areas for entertaining families and friends.

Riverview is located just minutes away from shopping, recreation alternatives and medical facilities and offers an exciting range of social get-togethers, recreational programs, trips and other events.

Every tenant is welcome to take part in our many activities, or simply relax in private.

We will enforce all laws and ordinances in a fair, ethical and impartial manner while upholding the principles of The Constitution of the United States.

Our mission will only be fulfilled in an atmosphere that is responsive to our members and seeks their involvement in problem solving.

We shall devote our resources in partnership with the community to foster a safe and secure environment, which is free from the threat of crime.Our skilled dermatologists serve both our dermatology practice and our Rejuvaderm Medi Spa, one of only a few day spas in New England.The skin care treatments we provide include eczema treatment, wrinkle treatment and acne treatment, and we treat more serious problems such as pre-cancerous or cancerous skin conditions.As we strive to develop each officer through training, we will hold ourselves accountable for our actions and take pride in providing a professional level of service.

This web site was created for the residents and visitors of the City of Woonsocket, Rhode Island and was designed to inform, educate, and provide the community an additional means to communicate with the Woonsocket Police Department.

That's when Riverview's caring and professional staff can help.

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