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At the other end that had another reminder of Middlesbrough’s attacking threat when a ball over the top was sent flashing over the top by Stuani on the volley.

Gary Caldwell made three changes at the break, bringing on Sam Hird, Charlie Wakefield and Ricky German in place of Ian Evatt, Donohue and Chris O’Grady.

The teenage midfielder, having been treated by both sets of team medics, was eventually helped from the pitch with his shoulder cradled in a bandage, breathing into an oxygen mask.

Chesterfield had a couple of bright moments and possession in and around the Boro area before Brad Barry was released down the right and his cross was too high for Dion Donohue.

Westernized Malian politicians and intellectuals reappropriated modern colonial institutions and adapted them to their reinterpretation of local aims and aspirations.

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Since independence, the Malian political leadership has pursued the syncretic integration at the national level of various elements deriving from ethnic and regional cultures.

Yet this process of cultural syncretism has not been homogeneous.

If most regional or ethnic cultures have been implicated, not all have contributed in the same measure.

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Indeed, a number of scholars of Mali have noted an imbalance in favor of the numerically dominant Mande (a branch of the Niger-Congo language family) people and their traditions in the formation of a national culture.

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