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Using other indicators can also provide a timelier gauge of the state of the economy.In the United States, the private National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), which maintains a chronology of the beginning and ending dates of U. recessions, uses a broader definition and considers a number of measures of activity to determine the dates of recessions.Very short periods of decline are not considered recessions.Most commentators and analysts use, as a practical definition of recession, two consecutive quarters of decline in a country’s real (inflation-adjusted) gross domestic product (GDP)—the value of all goods and services a country produces.For information on recession, or business-cycle, dating, see: | We won't be able to contact you if it is incorrect. | This helps stop malicious programs from using this site to generate SPAM email.Please allow us some time | It could take up to two(2) business days for our Subject Matter Experts to follow up with an appropriate answer to your question(s). After all, on December 1 the authoritative Peter Mansbridge, anchor of the CBC National news pronounced that the recession is "officially over", citing the report from Statistics Canada that real GDP grew 0.6% (or 2.3% at an annual rate) in 3Q15 after contracting modestly in the previous two quarters.

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As a single girl myself I know that all too often singles can be pitied because they’re on their own at Christmas. They’re not on their own, they’re just not in a relationship at that particular time.Besides, why should being single at Christmas be so miserable?It’s a great time of year whatever your age, whatever you relationship status.A recession is the phase of the business cycle when aggregate economic activity is contracting....

The drop in economic activity is a self-reinforcing process, where lower incomes lead to cuts in spending, which trigger declines in output and possibly employment, which lead to further reductions in incomes.It led to a sharp increase in unemployment—along with substantial declines in output, consumption and investment.

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