Who is aaron eckhart dating

10-Oct-2017 19:15

Me is walking by.” Aaron Eckhart trails off—he wrote the song, but he can’t remember any of its three verses.This may be why he makes his living playing characters with golden hair and black hearts, not songwriting.

As Twoface, Batman’s foe in The Dark Knight, he made you feel sick just looking at him.Talking about his siblings he has two brothers and he is youngest.He is best known for The Dark Knight (2008), Battle Los Angeles (2011), Thank You For Smoking (2005), Olympus Has Fallen (2013).Eckhart’s resume includes the role of Julia Roberts’ stalwart biker boyfriend in .

But in two indelible roles bookending his career, Eckhart has portrayed, well, evil incarnate.

"I read somewhere that you were on a date with Aaron Eckhart the other night," host Chelsea Handler said, referring to reports that claimed the two were recently spotted dining together in Baton Rouge at Sullivan's Steakhouse.