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25-Nov-2017 19:19

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Interestingly, girls never teased me about my breasts, probably because they were too self-conscious about their own, but boys were awful."Are you a pirate? The first time, I fell for it and said, "No.""Then why do you have a sunken chest? She even had her own TV commercial with a jingle that went, "Flatsy, flatsy, they're flat and that's that." The doll was a cruel joke, but the song!Kids would pass me in the hall and if a teacher was present they just had to hum it for me to know exactly what was going on.She showed him the scar lining the length of her torso.It told the story of a back muscle repurposed across her chest.

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Bruni denied the allegations and claimed that he made the entire thing up.It's nice to see that there are some people out there like You Tuber Broke The Habit; people that actually have the balls to ask direct and personal questions about height.